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Combining tradition with modern technology to provide high quality aluminium window and door products. This formula is used at Allers aluminium to create products that are tailored to every client’s needs. Allers Aluminium uses the system known as EKONAL F42. This system has no standard sizes, is extremely flexible and versatile, allowing the craftsman at Allers Aluminium to tailor each product exactly to the client’s requirements. Because the products are constructed to different specifications, as required by each client, no standard module or price list is available. An individualised quotation is supplied, after the client’s needs have been evaluated and analysed. Allers Aluminium has the exclusive right to use the system EKONAL® F42 in Southern Africa. This system was developed in Europe, adapted to African conditions and had to pass the stringent quality control test required by the European market. To ensure that EKONAL® F42 would be able to handle the extremities of the African and Middle East climate, it was tested in extreme weather conditions. Allers Aluminium has been in Namibia for over 30 years. Most of the craftsmen and designers Allers Aluminium employ have been with them from the beginning, which accounts for the fine blend of tradition and modern technology in their design and final product. Innovation is vital in an environment where new architectural designs, new building materials and new interior decorating techniques are constantly being tested, implemented and improved upon. This means that a specialist like Allers Aluminium cannot afford to stagnate with old designs and old materials. Without a client, there are no doors or windows. Allers Aluminium treasures its clients, ensuring that service to the client is a priority of the firm. Allers Aluminium goes to extra-ordinary lengths in order to ensure that the final product exactly corresponds with the client’s requirements. Every door and window constructed by Allers Aluminium is fitted and glazed in house, to ensure that the product is used to the best advantage of the building or home. Allers Aluminium also offers service agreements on all of their installed products to give their clients peace of mind for the future. Aluminium products almost always represent the "face" of building and make up a vital part of the entire end-product. They should therefore be treated with the care they deserve to keep them working without problems.

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